Thursday, March 17, 2011

White House Statement on Avoiding Government Shutdown

This budget debate is such a farce because 1) There will be a budget. Eventually. 2) Republicans are messing around, voting to defund NPR and other piddly things. No one is talking about real budgeting. It's all pretend. So anyway, we're in the clear for a few more weeks:
Today, the Senate passed a short-term funding bill that avoids a government shutdown and gives Congress the time to find common ground on a measure to take us through the end of the fiscal year. Continuing to fund our government in two or three week increments adds uncertainty to our economy and distracts us from other urgent priorities facing our nation. Now is the time for Democrats and Republicans to come together and find a long-term solution that cuts spending without impeding our ability to win the future. We all agree we want to cut spending, which is why we have already met Republicans halfway. But we will continue to oppose harmful cuts to critical investments in education, innovation, and research and development that we need to grow our economy and create jobs – as well as oppose additions to the bill that have nothing to do with fiscal policy. The President is optimistic that Congress can get this done.