Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Americans Approve of Obama's Handling of Libya

While Ron Paul, on the right, and Dennis Kucinich, on the left, are pushing the idea that Obama's decision to take military action in Libya is unconstitutional, others are saying Obama didn't go in soon enough. The media is in a tizzy and no help in sorting things out. Facts are hard to find. Truth is hard to find. Lots of propaganda from presidential wannabes. But surprise, surprise, Americans approve of Obama's handling of the Libyan crisis:
A CBS News survey shows that exactly half of Americans approve of how President Obama is handling the situation in Libya, and just 29 percent disapprove. Twenty-one percent said they did not have an opinion.

President Obama receives more support from Republicans on this issue than he has on domestic issues such as the economy and the deficit. Forty-three percent of Republicans say they approve of how the President is handling the crisis in Libya, and 41 percent disapprove. A majority 66 percent of Mr. Obama's Democratic voters said they approved, along with 43 percent of independents. More at CBS