Thursday, December 16, 2004

Walter Arvinger

recently received clemency from the Gov. of Maryland for a crime he apparently didn't commit. He was 19 when he went to jail. Now he's 55. What's intriguing about Walter is he says he's not bitter.
A group of University of Maryland Law School students, led by their professor, took his case pro bono and put school time to good use. Congratulations to them for turning school into a practical application. Congratulations to the professor for having the mind to do something meaningful. I don't remember having any professors nearly as remarkable. The students probably learned more than some people learn in a lifetime. Read and listen here. As for Arvinger, what an amazing human being.

Soon we'll be able to read books from the Oxford University library online, as well as books from the libraries of Harvard, the University of Michigan, Stanford and
the New York Public Library. Thanks to Google. Read it here.

OK. it's finally out. People also shop for themselves during the holidays, perhaps even more than for others. People get into a frenzy, they feel deserving and they feel like they're not going to get what they want anyway.
Read it here.