Friday, December 03, 2004

Idiot box is still a man's world

This from a story today: "Men and women who've ever dealt with unemployment may have a heightened risk of dying early, particularly from suicide and injuries, a Swedish study suggests." well, duh. sometimes I can't believe they spend money studying such things.

Here is the country's state of health report:
let me tell you, it's not good. 40% of the population is on some kind of meds. I wonder what percent of that is the meds-addicted population.

From the NYT: "It's still a man's world on the idiot box." well, that's why it's called the idiot box. Columnist Maureen Dowd talks about how women weren't considered to replace anchor Tom Brokaw. Maybe women are just smarter than that. Maybe they have better things to do. It didn't seem like Katie Couric or any other woman was vying for the job. Perhaps women are more focused on life balance. just maybe.