Monday, December 06, 2004

Bob Dylan not all that

This from Bob Dylan's recent interview on 60 Minutes.

He said he was destined to write great songs but said he wasn't able to do it these days. When he could, he said he tapped into something "magical."
"a different kind of penetrating magic."

Dylan on destiny -- "you know something about yourself that no one else does"
Then he said you have to keep it to yourself.
Why did he change his name? Again, destiny. "Some people are born with wrong names, wrong parents."

He didn't see himself the voice of the 1960s. "You're just not that person everybody thinks you are."

People wanted to discuss organic farming and things popular with the Hippie crowd, but he said he didn't know anything about those topics.

He said he wrote intentionally bad music. He wanted to change people's image of him. I changed my image of him after I saw him once in concert and was sorely disappointed. He never looked at the audience and didn't relate. he kept his head down and didn't even acknowledge the opening band, whom I know adored Dylan and was grateful to be on the same bill.

Blowin' in the Wind is a pretty good song but I could take him or leave him. Perhaps children of the 1960s know better.

Dylan said he made a bargain with destiny. He seems very unhappy, depressed almost. some bargain. why bother if there's no joy.

I have a theory that all creativity comes from something bigger than one person. Being creative is tapping into a universal creativity, one that already exists. Some people can reach it. Some struggle. With that, it seems like Bob Dylan couldn't rectify the feeling of creating something that was his but at the same time wasn't.