Sunday, December 26, 2004

John Frusciante's music makes me happy

After two hours of listening to John Frusciante's music with headphones, I realize I don't just love his music, I'm in love with his music. Seems I've heard that line before.
My love affair with John's music began about three years ago. His music speaks to me so much that I want to roll it up and put it in my heart or inject it or whatever.
John, by the way, is the guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But as a solo artist, he's done something rather incredible for a musician these days. This year, he's released six albums. That's SIX. S-I-X. Imagine your favorite musician/band releasing six records. He's releasing the next one called "Curtains" in January.
The CDs all are unique, different styles. On some, he collaborated with other artists such as bass player Joe Lally of Fugazi and Josh Klinghoffer. John's done several albums with Josh, who is an amazing musician himself. He plays just about every instrument and has a soft feminine voice, which complements John's voice. Josh has been the drummer on P.J. Harvey's tour. P.J. (Polly Jean) has been widely promoted this year. I have yet to listen to her CD.
But back to the music. With headphones on, it's like mediation, getting lost in the music. Each time I listen I hear -- even feel -- something new. His music is layered and textured. His best instrument is his voice, which he uses in a variety of ways. He growls, grumbles, whispers, screams and serenades. His lyrics are provocative and he sings the words in an interesting way that I'm still trying to grasp.