Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Media Still Clueless

Update March 4: Republicans won't compromise because they won't compromise, no matter what Obama offers. That is what all media should be reporting. The root of why they won't compromise has to do with GOP's fear of a changing nation, racism...

CBS roundtable blames everyone for the madness in Congress.
Until the media recognizes that the blame lies mostly with House republicans and the GOP's visceral  (and childish) hatred of anything that Obama says and does (even if it aligns with republicanism), there will be no acknowledgment of the root problem. Thankfully, Americans are smarter than our media.
The House republicans are a radical fringe facing extinction but refusing to change. As Obama pointed out, they are busy painting horns on his head, calling him a socialist and acting like fools. They are standing in the way of progress. They are a hurdle to economic recovery.  If they were moderate republicans, we wouldn't be seeing any of this nonsense.