Friday, March 01, 2013

Obama Speaks on Sequester March 1

Essentially Obama said repubs in Congress need to catch up to republicans in America and the rest of the nation and then progress will be made on fiscal matters. Meanwhile, as repubs focus on keeping wealthy people wealthy, Obama's kicking butt getting other things done.
Obama's metaphor: Went to a bridge that connected Boehner and McConnell's states and it's a bad bridge that needs fixed.
Obama merged Star Wars and Star Trek for a "Jedi mind meld."
I still find it highly ironic that repubs are blaming Obama for deep spending cuts. Obama answered four questions from the press, including one from a reporter who asked if he was responsible for the sequester.
For anyone who's paying attention to the Bob Woodward this-is-what-happens-when-you-get-too-big-for-your-britches sequester saga, there's this. 
In full:

Reporter also asked why didn't Obama just didn't lock the leaders in a room. To which Obama responded that he wasn't a dictator, and that *perhaps*, Congress is old enough to behave like adults and do their job. "Jedi mind meld:"

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Hey look! It's Romney. On the sequester, he says Obama is hurting republican feelings. Note to Mittens: It's still too soon: