Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama Speaks on the Fiscal Cliff Dec. 31

Update 2 am New Year's Day: Senate spent all night voting and approved a fiscal cliff bill. Idiots. Boehner says the House will consider the bill. If the House passes it, IF, then it goes to Obama to sign. Marco Rubio voted against the bill. Fool. Coburn, for. More tomorrow. Happy New Year.

Update: As House republicans continue to sit on their arses and drink their bourbon eggnog, the White House and Senate repubs reached a deal. Senate will hold a New Year's Eve vote. House is probably drunk. They're definitely in the ditch.

Update: Republicans are having a mad cow. They say Obama insulted them. Wow. They are out of touch with reality. Funny stuff.

Update: Full video below. No deal - yet. Obama seemed in a good mood, considering. He'll be in DC instead of with his family until an agreement is reached. He seemed to be at once in a state of disbelief and acceptance that this is the lamest Congress ever.

Well, it's New Year's Eve. I wonder if the republicans ever stopped to think that Obama has plenty on his plate without having to deal with their shenanigans. Based on merit (this is the least productive Congress since 1940s) members of Congress should take a pay cut.

Apparently, Biden and McConnell agree on Clinton-era 39.6% top rate for people who make $400K and up and couples, $450K and up, according to @JohnHarwood. They've also agreed on: 40% tax on estates over $5 million.