Sunday, December 02, 2012

Geithner on Meet the Press Dec. 2

Following Geithner, McCaskill and Corker talk about a budget deal and MTP points out the $716 billion Medicare lie during Romney's campaign. McCaskill says Boehner has to make a choice, his speakership or the nation. She says House republicans are so obstinate that if he chooses the nation, he'll lose his speakership. Corker says he's only obliged to the oath he took to serve the nation, not Grover.
McCaskill makes another good point about Petraeus. She points out that republicans haven't criticized  Petraeus, republican hero, when he's the one responsible for CIA and Susan Rice's talking points on Benghazi. Strange how that is. Strange that the media hasn't noticed. Not really. The media has long sucked up to Petraeus. It's also interesting how quickly his whole affair vanished from the media, replaced by coverage of republicans' incessant attacks on Susan Rice.

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Grover Norquist is a strange man. David Gregory has an interesting observation - that Obama is fighting Boehner hard to give him cover with his loony base. I'd agree.

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More Geithner. Contrary to what the media talking heads are saying, a deal is getting done behind the scenes. Both republicans and democrats are manipulating the media, and many in the media don't appear to recognize that:

Cokie's got it right. The media's willingness to be baited by folks such as Grover is what's wrong with the media: