Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romney Supporter Ariz Secretary of State's New Birther Twist

Arizona politicians are nutters. Birthers have no idea how absurd their behavior is. Here's the reason why birthers are racist. Birthers, like Ken Bennett, could simply oppose Obama on policy, but they don't. They make it personal. Birtherism is an emotional reaction to the president being black. It's a s sickness.
"I think we need to take him at his word, and send him back home.... where ever home is," said Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State.  Then he goes on to say that he believes Obama was born in Hawaii (which contradicts his above statement).
Instead, Bennet offers a new twist. He said that Obama lied and said he was born in Kenya so he could get into college. Think about what Bennett is trying to say about Obama -- that Obama couldn't be smart enough to get into college. Here is Obama, an accomplished man who is President of the U.S. and here is this guy ignoring all of that, only seeing race.