Thursday, June 14, 2012

If Romney Wins Adelson Wins

People like Sheldon Adelson aren't afraid to use exorbitant amounts of money (he's worth $25 BILLION) to you and me for their own self interests. Even if I had loads of money, I couldn't imagine using it to force my will on everyone else. I especially wouldn't waste it on politics. But today, you can own our government for the right price, thanks much to our Supreme Court.
Adelson's donations to Romney could top $100 million, according to Forbes. Adelson is a guy that once tried to own the sidewalks of Las Vegas to prevent the union from picketing in front of his hotel. If Mitt wins, Sheldon Adelson wins. He can't spend that much money and not get anything in return from Mitt. Make no mistake, Adelson wants things. From 1999: