Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt on Immigration

Shameful that republicans are so inhumane that Newt has to worry about being humane. It was also interesting that the crowd responded to Newt's proposed amnesty of undocumented immigrants with loud applause. That surprised me. I don't believe it though. I know this sounds conspiratorial, but perhaps the crowd -- made up of like people -- agreed before the debate to applaud Newt on that issue, to applaud Newt on every issue. He's got a lot of ties to debate sponsors. Republicans desperately need some Latino support.
It just doesn't add up. Republicans only ever talk about their opposition to any kind of amnesty program. One thing is certain, though, Heritage Foundation, one of the sponsors, is anything but humane on immigration. Or less conspiratorial, perhaps the crowd was simply a Newt crowd.