Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Huntsman Associates Sexual Harassment Claims With "Bimbos"

This offhanded remark is telling. It's why the republican party is made up of mostly white males. I get that Jon Huntsman was attacking Cain, but how dare he call a woman a bimbo. The GOP ought to be fully ashamed of their presidential contenders by now. As an American, I'm embarrassed for them. But they remain clueless.
In between campaign stops in New Hampshire today, Huntsman said that the latest "bimbo eruptions" surrounding rival Herman Cain have damaged the quality of the GOP race for the White House. The former Utah governor suggested the former pizza CEO should consider leaving the race for the Republican nomination.
“We’ve got real issues to talk about not the latest bimbo eruption,” Huntsman told the Boston Herald editorial board today. Read more at msnbc