Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Supreme Court Weighs Executing Possible Innocent Troy Davis

Update: SCOTUS rules against stay of execution. Ugh.

I'd hate to be a Georgian tonight. Meanwhile, Texas killed another tonight, a white supremacist. If there is any doubt whatsoever, and there appears to be, then Troy Davis should not be killed. That's just moral. But capital punishment isn't moral. It's revenge. Tonight's possible execution of an innocent man, Troy Davis, is an example of why the death penalty is wrong and immoral. The Supreme Court is expected to make a decision by 8:30 pm ET.
Convicted killer Troy Davis filed an eleventh-hour plea Wednesday evening asking the Supreme Court to stop Georgia authorities from executing him for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer.
The 7 p.m. execution time passed, and state officials waited for a response from the Supreme Court, which had no deadline for a decision. ap