Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boehner Gives Government Too Much Credit

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I was just thinking about this earlier today.
If you listened to Speaker John Boehner’s speech before the D.C. Economic Club today, you heard a very specific story explaining why unemployment is stuck at 9 percent: “it’s not because the American people have lost their way,” he said. “It’s because their government has let them down.” But Boehner never mentioned Wall Street, or foreclosures. There was no talk of consumer debt or weak demand. Nothing about underwater homeowners or European crises. If liberals sometimes go too far in thinking the government can solve every problem, conservatives sometimes go too far in thinking the government causes every problem. And that’s where Boehner went today. More at WaPo
When republicans say government should just "get out of the way," what exactly should it get out of the way of? Keeping workers safe on the job, adequate pay, making sure our rivers aren't completely polluted? So tired of the same old republican spiel all dressed up in tea party wear. Why are people falling for this bunk?
In his speech today, Boehner says tax increases destroys jobs. The bottom line is republicans are always looking out for business. They have no sense of balance. They believe business solves all problems. We're in a financial mess because people bought homes they couldn't afford. That created a chain reaction, including a greedy Wall Street, which saw it could exploit the situation. WE triggered the European banking crisis. Business helped cause the financial crisis.
It had nothing to do with government (though stricter government regulations could've prevented the crisis. If only everyone was asked for proof of income when applying for a mortgage) and everything to do with out culture of greed and keeping up with the Joneses.