Friday, August 26, 2005

MinneNAPolis at Mall of America

update 5-18-06: no one wanted a nap. the place with the cute name closed.

The gigantic spread of a retail center in Minneapolis has a new store where you can buy a nap for 70 cents a minute. I'm wondering if they have alarm clocks.
Here's the story:

This megamall experience will put you to sleep

Chris Serres, Star Tribune

As a longtime janitor at the Mall of America, Jim Jones thought he'd seen just about every retail concept imaginable.

But even Jones, who cleans floors and wastebaskets on the third floor of the mall, was taken aback by news that a "napping center" would be opening next month near the Nordstrom department store.

That's right, the same mall that brought you a 74-foot Ferris wheel, a shark tank and a children's dinosaur museum has leased 1,076 square feet of space to a company that charges 70 cents per minute for nap time.

"A lot of people are tired around here, but I'm not sure they're ready to lie down, stretch out and fall asleep," Jones said.

Founded by a company called PowerNap Sleep Centers Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla., the new store will be called MinneNAPolis.

It will consist of at least three themed rooms: Asian Mist, Tropical Isle and Deep Space. Each suite will have its own unique ambience and walls thick enough to drown out the sounds of squealing children at Camp Snoopy.

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