Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Microsoft Nightmare

Here's my update. Eight days ago I installed Windows XP service pack 2. It made my computer nuts so I uninstalled it, which then left my computer brainless. It kept turning on and off, over and over.
I call MS and they say they can send me a Windows XP CD and help me recover my computer. I figured since their software messed up my computer, they'd overnight it. Nope. 7-10 days. My CD arrived today.
I called Microsoft and the call center couldn't help me without knowing what key to press to boot up using the CD-Rom first. MS didn't know Toshiba's key? Isn't that something they should know, or at least be able to look up easily? So MS says I need to call Toshiba and he'll call me back tomorrow. MS guy is already booked up for the day and the guy that "owns my case" is off today.
So there's the update. I've decided that I'm going to try and learn how to use Linux after this experience. It's the only way I can fight back.