Wednesday, February 23, 2005

John Frusciante video

John Frusciante, who happens to be the greatest musician on the planet, has a new video for his latest CD, Curtains. The song is "The Past Recedes." This lovely Web site posts new videos that have been shot.

John's video is running wild on the fan sites and there's a possiblity it could get MTV air time. That is frightening. John is one of the best kept secrets in music and sometimes it's nice to be one of the few people who know about him, kind of like wearing a one-of-a-kind dress to a party. I read somewhere that he claims to have about 100,000 core fans, people who will buy everything he puts out. I count myself as one of those.

Some of the other albums he released in the past year(that's right within a year's time): Automatic Writing, Sphere in the Heart of Silence, DC EP, Inside of Emptiness, Shadows Collide with People and The Will to Death. They're ALL original and span different genres of music.

Curtains is a beautiful CD. It's just John and his guitar. The video, directed by Mike Piscitelli and produced by Partizan, is shot inside his Hollywood home. It's simple and reflective of John as an artist. I think this is the year that John breaks out and in a way, that's unfortunate.