Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's a small world

Finally, I've installed the Windows XP CD thanks to a friendly person in a call center in Bangalore. It took about an hour so we talked about music and sports and languages. In India, children learn languages early. He knows five! MS guy said he and his friends like American music. He likes Pink Floyd, Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of my favorites. It costs $20 - $70 to see a concert. Sting is going to be in India tomorrow. The weather there is much like California. They like to play cricket in India. I guess it's sort of like baseball. The only problem with cricket, he says, is that it's a game that starts in the morning and finishes at night so it takes a lot of time. Gas costs $5 a gallon. People drive motorbikes to save money. He likes to watch wrestling and they get American TV.
He said the Microsoft building in Bangalore is "cute." Lots of plants, glass windows. Like American workers, he gets two 15 minute breaks and one half hour break. He can take them when he wants but he has to punch in and out. Ick. There is a "sports room" with games. But he said there's no time to play. Microsoft pays well. He has a four year engineering degree and plans to get a master's. He'd like to study in the US but says it's too expensive.
Here's a surprise: THERE AREN'T ANY STARBUCKS. They have Barista and Coffee Day coffeehouses. What's the deal Starbucks?
He works the 2:30 am shift to 11:30 am shift.
He says Americans are nice. He has had a few calls from very angry Americans. They say that he's stolen American jobs. He says he understands.
It's a small world getting smaller.