Friday, August 04, 2006

Moulin Rouge, First Friday

it's a grind, henderson NV:
i've started counting sirens and traffic accidents. so far, about 15 sirens. accidents, 6.

more photos for you. i've been so busy running up and down the city avoiding the strip at all costs. today, i had coffee with mark, a homeless man in Las Vegas. i've learned so much about the homeless i don't even know where to start. let me say first, that they are all different. you can't say that they're all this or all that.

they have problems like everyone else, histories like everyone else, they listen to music and watch movies and read books and have girlfriends and keep up with politics.

here are some more gritty LV photos. today is first friday in downtown LV. it's where thousands of tourists and locals come to check out the art galleries.

these are of the moulin rouge on bonanza. this is apparently the "bad" part of town. the moulin rouge development co. is working to renovate this casino, which was, in its day, a place for "colored" people. many black people weren't accepted as patrons in LV's other casinos. it's where a who's who in entertainers performed. the desert breeze apartments are next to the moulin rouge. a 3-bedroom apartment goes for $900. stan, in the office, says it's the best deal in town.

these murals are downtown on or near charleston:

the gambler's store

lv has way too many political signs. they're big and they're everywhere

frank in a new light. taken at the arts factory

art made of albums and 45s