Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vargas Responds to Feminists

arrgh. when will women learn they can't do it all? men can't either, of course, but they've never had to.
here's news anchor elizabeth vargas' response to the feminist uproar (she willingly stepped down as anchor to focus on parenting. feminists say she was pushed):
...As for a woman having it all, well, Vargas is the first to admit that it is hard "to be a good parent and a good employee."

Particularly when you're enduring a tough pregnancy. Vargas, who turns 44 in September, says she's had way more problems this time around than she did with Zachary, now 3.

"I feel horrible. I have debilitating nausea every day, and fatigue. I've been very honest with them [management] about the difficulties... . I didn't think it was fair to give this job less than 150 percent."

Vargas says she and her husband, songwriter Marc Cohen ("Walkin' in Memphis"), have a C-section scheduled for mid-August. She plans maternity leave of nine to 12 weeks.

Vargas understands why some feminist groups are making a call to arms, but there's no war to be fought in this case, she insists. "The answers in this case are different than their concerns."

To Paul Slavin, ABC's senior vice president, worldwide newsgathering, the groups are missing the point.

"Elizabeth is making the choice. That's what the liberation of all women means... . In my mind, they're fighting a battle with an unwilling soldier."