Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Next John Frusciante Solo

josh klinghoffer is working on the drum tracks in prep for john's next solo record, according to frusciante.net. yayayayayayayayYIPPEE! 17 tracks already written... geez.

john also is going to be on the mars volta (touring with the chili peppers) next album called Amputechture.

and.... he's also supposedly working on ataxia's follow up to "automatic writing." ataxia -- josh, of the bicycle thief, and joe lally of fugazi -- was just one of john's remarkable collaborations in the past few years.

his stint with ataxia and his solo work was completely ignored in the rolling stone's recent innocuous cover story about the chili peppers but i guess that's the way it's got to be when they're promoting their current record. as good as stadium arcadium is, i can't wait for john's next record. john's reportedly studying classical music so who knows what we're in for but you know it's going to be good.

also from frusciante.net, john's instrumental accompaniment to chicago morning train

here's bob forrest -- the bicycle thief -- with john, the dying song. bob's got his own album coming out in august. the bicycle thief's 'you come and go like a pop song' is in my top 10.

frusciante.net is a gold mine. here are some of john's paintings

total guitar, may 2006