Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Salary Envy New York Magazine Survey

This New York magazine survey is a look at people's annual salaries.
On the list is 50 Cent, Tom Stewart, a Tower Records stock clerk, John Lennon, writer Malcolm Gladwell, Martha Stewart, Lori Lyons, a garbagewoman, and David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker magazine.
I've included a partial list below. It's not in any order. The list is interesting, funny and sad all at the same time.
Who Makes How Much

Sister Marie of the Precious Blood
Cloistered nun

Cocaine dealer, Lower East Side
($275 per one-eighth ounce)

50 Cent
$50 million
Rapper, hyphenate

$36 million
Rapper, superhyphenate

The Strokes
Rockers, Room on Fire (570,000 copies sold at roughly
$1.50 per album)

Wynton Marsalis
Artistic director, Jazz at Lincoln Center

John Lennon
$21 million
Deceased singer-songwriter

Frank Sinatra
$5 million
Deceased singer-songwriter

Mark Ronson

Tom Stewart
Tower Records clerk

Lorin Maazel
Conductor, New York Philharmonic

Joseph Volpe
General manager, Metropolitan Opera

Renée Fleming
Mezzo-soprano, Metropolitan Opera
($15,000 per performance)

George M.
Street musician, Astor Place subway station

Jennifer R.
(last name withheld) First-year broker

Hector Norat
Superintendent, 209 W. 97th St.

Malcolm Gladwell
$1.5 million
Author, Blink
(advance, plus $250,000 New Yorker salary and $30,000 per speaking engagement)
James Dolan
$9.5 million
Chairman, CEO, and president, Cablevision

Edgar Bronfman Jr.
$6.3 million
CEO, Warner Music Group

David Neeleman
Chairman and CEO, JetBlue Airways

John Thain
$4 million
CEO, New York Stock Exchange

Chelsea Clinton
Consultant, McKinsey & Co.

Jake Gyllenhaal
$3 million
Actor, Jarhead

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Actress, upcoming untitled Oliver Stone 9/11 film

Rosario Dawson
$1 million
Actress, Rent

Peter Sarsgaard
Actor, Flight Plan

Sarah Jessica Parker
$38 million
Gap spokeswoman
(plus $1 million for the upcoming Failure to Launch)