Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back On Track Care Packs

Another way to help the hurricane survivors, Back On Track Care Packs.
Here is the letter from the mom of four who started it:
Hurricane Katrina refugees are without and in need of our help. Perhaps you have already donated $$$ or offered your services in some way. However, many of us are unable to physically help.
Since the victims must be able to carry their belongings the idea of providing a backpack stuffed with necessities is our core goal. As a mother of four, I am particularly aware of the needs of families.
I am asking everyone who reads this to purchase a backpack (or donate a gently used one). Please fill this pack with any of the items on the FEMA approved list (see FILES).
Sample backpack

In addition, since my #1 concern is for the numerous children displaced by the storm, who are in strange places without any comfort items.
I am requesting you fill these care packs with a child in mind, from newborn to teen, and pregnant mothers, as well.
See FILES for my suggestions for EXTRAS specifically with children in mind.
FEMA's list has the basic necessities for survival, but let us not forget there are children affected.
Life should not be ONLY about survival for ANY CHILD IN THIS WORLD.
But for chances of birth & life any of our families or us could have been one of those uprooted by this natural disaster.
Please read the messages on this group page, as I have included many pertinent details and instructions. Also, see FILES for a copy of my original letter urging my friends and family to help out. READ THE LETTER COMPLETELY so you understand fully the Back on Track Care Packs Project. You may use it to forward to all of your friends and family.
Addresses and contact names will be listed under DATABASE.
This Page is constantly being updated and FILES added. Check back as needed, and feel free to e-mail me at anytime @ I will reply as soon as possible with answers and information.

The effort is part of the Big Mama's Church, which posts the addresses of where to send the backpacks.

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