Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Obama to Make Statement | House Expected to Pass Senate Bill

Video of Obama's statement is now up here.

Update 11:05 pm ET: Bill passes  257-167. Cantor, McCarthy vote no. Paul Ryan was a yes. Surprise.  Fiscal disaster averted.

Update 11 pm ET: Boehner votes yes. Looks like it will pass.

Update 9:40 pm ET: Senate fiscal bill clears procedural vote in House of Representatives. Now they'll debate (for one hour, ugh) and vote on the actual bill.

The House is expected to pass the Senate bill without changes, and Obama is set to make a statement tonight. He'll probably also sign the bill tonight. BTW, Obama is not in Hawaii. He arrived back in DC the day after Christmas. I'll post live stream when (if) it's up. Here is Obama's earlier statement when the Senate bill passed.