Friday, January 25, 2013

GOP Scheme to Rig Electoral Vote Waning

Republicans are still in the denial phase, denying a changing nation, and have been engaged in other less than noble ways (cheating) to get votes. Changing laws to make it harder for democratic voters to vote this past election, as mentioned in Obama's inaugural speech, is one example. Republicans aren't going to lure new voters by being creepy.
Republican legislators in several states have begun to push changes to the way their states allocate electoral college votes.

These states — which include Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia — have one thing in common: They all voted for President Obama in last year's presidential election but are controlled by Republican governors and legislators. Molly Ball reports that these efforts "appear to have sprouted independently as the work of individual lawmakers." But now, a Republican operative "has a plan to take the idea national." Read on at The Week