Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obama's Not Negotiating Debt Ceiling

Media (with a few exceptions) doesn't seem to understand that Obama isn't negotiating around the debt ceiling this time. Also, the coin idea? Wasn't it just mocking the idiocy of the republicans in Congress for not wanting to pay the bills? Republicans have to raise the debt ceiling. End of story. Once that's done, spending cuts can be debated. Peggy Noonan's drama is sickening. Krugman challenged her, something that never happens to Noonan.

The "no labels" guy is dead wrong. Obama leads. He is a leader. Exactly what do they want him to do? There are irrational reasons that republicans don't want to work with this president. They think he was born in Kenya for gracious sakes. The media has failed to reckon with the underlying causes of republican shenanigans. Essentially, House republicans and a few of them in the Senate are spoiling Congress, getting in the way of progress for idiotic reasons.

This whole — there's not enough women in the Obama administration — is bogus, media invented criticism.

Here's ABC's roundtable. Poor CBS could only scrape up Grumpy John McCain. Just because he's available doesn't mean that the Sunday shows have to keep having him on. Find a new voice, someone who isn't predictable, someone we don't hear whining every day. 

Keli Goff notes how the right's reaction to Obama's gun control efforts is related to their phobia of Obama. That phobia is racism.