Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perry Wants to Bump Plans with Cain

Update: Here's a transcript of the whole darned thing if you want to relive. Every voting American should be up to date on the spectacle that is the GOP 2012 primary contest.

The GOP debate tonight in a word: Ugh.

It's disgusting for republicans to talk about undocumented immigrants as if they weren't actually human beings. It's also hypocritical because the reason undocumented immigrants (let's give them some dignity, enough with this illegal alien BS) come here is because employers hire them. Perry's got that part right.
I'm also tired of GOP feigning religion and morality because it's immoral to demean human beings who are being exploited by American companies.
Perry gets Romney to act like a big baby. Can you imagine Obama acting like this? Never. Ever.
And yes, it seems Romney actually did hire undocumented workers to mow his lawn. Only entitled businessmen hire undocumented workers to mow their lawns because they're usually tight with their money.