Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Target Donates to Conservative Republican on the Sly

As a person who is mindful of corporate influence on politicians and elections, I'm disappointed in Target.
As a Senate vote this afternoon effectively blocked consideration of the DISCLOSE bill that would put restrictions on some special interest groups' political giving, public disclosure of corporate political money was causing controversy in Minnesota.

Target — the high-style discount chain — helped to pay for a TV ad endorsing a candidate for governor. Word of that is causing the retailer some problems.

The ad, which you can see below and online here, gives a full-throated endorsement to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. "Working to grow jobs. Getting government out of the way. Tom Emmer, the fighter Minnesota needs," the narrator declares. NPR
Target executives have even supported Michele Bachmann, which is really sad:
Target executives typically have been politically active — Steinhafel himself donated $10,000 to an April fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann featuring Sarah Palin. Now, that right extends to the company itself. Pioneer Press
What's worse is Target gave to Emmer under the cover of an organization called Minnesota Forward. Had the republicans not blocked -- once again -- a vote on the disclose act today, Target and other companies wouldn't be able to be so sly about who they're trying to influence. This will make me think twice about shopping at Target. On one hand, I think it's disgusting that a corporation can influence elections by throwing profits around. On the other hand, if everyone were to boycott (not that that's remotely possible) then people would be out jobs.
Listen to the story:

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