Saturday, November 24, 2007

Buy Nothing for Christmas

this is a quote from a very poor woman who lives in maine-- freezing maine-- and is struggling to survive:

“Trying to buy Christmas presents, that’s the hardest thing,” said Ms. Harmon, who has a mangled finger from her years of snipping sardine heads in a canning factory.

if you don't have the money or are short on cash, DON'T BUY PRESENTS! whatever you do, don't put anything on your credit cards. it's all a ruse to take money from your pockets and boost the economy, an economy that sooner or later is going to have to figure out another way to flourish.
if you want to feel warm and fuzzy, make something, food or a card. give something with meaning.
be WITH your family, if not in person, then in spirit. tell stories. stop buying warm and fuzzy.
your family and friends do NOT want to see you stretch your dollars to buy gifts.