Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Bank of the Universe is Now Open!

that's the message i received from those misguided folks at "the secret."
i signed up to get emails to see what they would send and sure enough, it's how to get rich quick. haven't we had enough of that?

here's the rest of the text:
It has unlimited abundance, available to you right now!

Actually it has never NOT been open,
but only a few throughout the history of mankind knew of the unlimited abundance that was theirs for the asking.

Click the image link at the bottom of this Scrolls to receive your blank check from the Bank of The Universe for you.

You must believe that you can receive it,
so take small steps with the amounts,
if that feels more believable to you.

Place the check in a prominent position
where you will see it every day!

Every time you look at the check,
that you have the money

The Universe inspires people, circumstances and events, to deliver the amount to you, but don't ever be mistaken into believing it came from them.

It is always the Universe, who moves through people, circumstances and events, to deliver it to you.

If YOU don't cancel your check, The Bank of the Universe must deliver the money to you!

Any thoughts, words, or actions of "lack", or "not enough"... are the only things that cancel your check.

Here's the great thing though... if you are thinking, acting or speaking words that could cancel your check, the Universe immediately sends you an alert! The alert is instantaneously transmitted direct to you, as bad feelings!!! The moment you receive the alert, change your thinking immediately!

By the way, it is not your job to work out HOW the Universe will bring it to you, so hands off telling the Universe what to do. Just ask, believe you have received it, and you WILL receive.

This wonderful process was inspired by a 'million dollar' true story account in the film, The Secret.

The story was told by one of the great master teachers
of The Secret, Jack Canfield.