Thursday, September 07, 2006


big project for me, requires head down, no blogging, total focus. therefore, i'm taking a hiatus, 1 week or so. i leave you with information on homelessness and a pretty picture and a pretty song.

Going Inside, John Frusciante
You dont throw your life away
Going inside
You get to know whos watching you
And who besides you resides
In your body
Where youre slow
Where you go doesnt matter
Cuz there will come a time
When time goes out the window
And youll learn to drive out of focus
Im you and if anything unfolds
Its supposed to
You dont throw your time away sitting still
Im in a chain of memories
Its my will
And I had to consult some figures of my past
And I know someone after me
Will go right back
Im not telling a view
Ive got this night to unglue
I moved this fight away
By doing things theres no reason to do