Thursday, April 20, 2006

UFO Retro Conference

is coming to the desert.
UFO conferences galore!
the official release:

They're b-a-a-c-c-k! On Saturday, April 29, 2006, the Mojave desert will once again experience an anomaly
it has not seen since the early 1970’s… A SPACECRAFT CONVENTION!

Spacecraft Conventions, as they were commonly called in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s, gathered at Giant Rock, in Landers California. Thousands would venture from all over the country, by car and airplane into a desolate part of the Mojave desert for a chance to glimpse a UFO and to hear contactees share their extraterrestrial experiences.

One of the early pioneers of the UFO movement was George Van Tassel. For a period of time, George, his wife Eva, and three daughters lived under Giant Rock. George would host Spacecraft conventions and Eva would serve hamburgers and apple pie from her restaurant, The Come on Inn. George, a contactee himself, claims to have
been visited by "space people". He professes to boarding a spaceship and to be given information on how to build the Integratron, an electro-static generator that was to be used for the cellular rejuvenation
of humans.

Although many of the original contactees have passed on, a few still remain, along with their stories. On Saturday, April 29, original "contactees", Rev. Robert Short, and William Hamilton, will be speaking at the Integratron. Also speaking will be modern day UFO enthusiasts, Greg Bishop, Adam Gorightly, and Dr. Louis Turi. A few of the speakers, such as Dr. Hans Petermann, John D. Riley and Bob Benson will be sharing information as well as demonstrating new technologies.

The Morongo Basin Historical Society (MBHS) has played a vital role in preserving the data of this era. Many of the MBHS members as well as local enthusiasts will be attending this event to share their memories. A drawing to raise funds to assist the MBHS as well as the Integratron will be an integral part of the conference.

One special highlight being offered at Retro UFO is the "bio booth," sponsored by VERSATILE VIDEO. People
will be asked to share their stories of Giant Rock, George Van Tassel and the Integratron in front of a camera documenting these memories before time has them slip away.

Sponsors of this event, Barbara and Rob Harris of Yucca Valley, have a strong passion for the history of Giant Rock, Spacecraft Conventions and the Integratron. It’s that passion combined with 30 years
of curiosity that has stimulated the creativity behind "Retro UFO." This nostalgic look into the UFO conventions
of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s is to rediscover and explore the fascination into the UFO phenomena of the
Morongo Basin.

As part of the events of the day, Retro UFO will not only sponsor outstanding speakers, but will also be offering tours and sound presentations inside the Integratron with George Van Tassel played by Lloyd Noel (MBHS member). There will also be guided tours to Giant Rock, art exhibits, antique cars, vendors, food, music and a special live UFO opera presented by Award Winning UFOetry. For those choosing to spend the night at the Integratron, campfires and astronomers along with our beautiful desert night sky will round out the entertainment
for the event. (See website for details )

Retro UFO Spacecraft Convention is intended to awaken old memories and integrate them with new information
of the present. The experience will be informative, creative, nostalgic and most of all fun!
Who knows? Maybe a spaceship or two will show up to join the festivities.

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