Monday, January 09, 2006

Smoking Gun vs. James Frey

How do you get a million readers to your web site? Do a major investigation of a best selling author whose made millions on his book, A Million Little Pieces, a story about redemption and recovery from drug addiction. Then tie the investigation to Oprah and call the piece "The Man Who Conned Oprah."
It was an interesting read but little is revealed and most of it is petty. It doesn't do anything to discredit James Frey's books. They're his books. He can write them any way he wants. People who dislike Frey seem to be mostly attacking his apparent wealthy upbringing.
James responds on his blog.
In other James Frey news, Mark Romanek has been hired to direct the movie, A Million Little Pieces.
Romanek did the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Can't Stop" music video, one of the best ever.

While we're at it, Chili Pepper guitarist and solo artistJohn Frusciante is my all-time favorite musician. In 2004, John released six albums in six months. Here is a thank you note that he wrote to Mark.

It's posted on Romanek's Web site.