Friday, April 22, 2005

Free Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets

We have a bunch of JF fans! Here's another contestant:

"I'd love to spend the day with John Frusciante, never mind a day, five minuets would be enough time with John. I love John so much and what he does with his music. The guy is a genius. I sit at home everyday with my acousitc in my lap just playing to his solo records and chili peppers songs. John and the peppers come before anything in my life. John is the biggest inspiration in my life and he is my idle. Without him I wouldn't even of picked up a guitar."

Here's the first person to respond to my ticket giveaway:

"I would love to spend the day with John. just listen to
John's music gives me feeling that I can't even
explain. John is one my few interest in life. I would
love to just ask him how he doing? How often he puts
the guitar down? And if he didn't play the guitar what
would he like to do? Then I would hope John would be
John go through his average day in from of me."

What a great post. I sit here with my John Frusciante shirt on and I'm thinking I'd like to give the tickets away to the person who sent me this but I'll wait. I'm going to put a deadline on this. The last day to submit is the end of May. I'll add that to the original post as well.

Here's mine:
Of course the Chili Pepper I'd most like to spend the day with would be John. His music makes me happy. Every CD he's released is one of my favorites. That's rare. Usually a CD has one or two good songs but his music resonates with me for some reason. I believe it's his voice.
I guess I'd take him to the coffee shop and ask an endless number of questions about creativity, why music is such a strong force in his life, and I have to admit, his ethereal interests are intriguing. what else he does for fun why doesn't he drive, does he still skateboard?