Thursday, May 24, 2012

Romney Says Class Size Doesn't Matter

Good grief. I heard this on Twitter moments ago. Smaller class sizes are without a doubt beneficial. That is so basic. Romney's against teachers cause he doesn't like teachers' unions:
"All the talk about we need smaller classroom size … that's promoted by the teachers unions to hire more teachers," he said.
Yet Romney went to boarding school and his kids went to a private school -- Belmont Hills, where the student teacher ratio is 6 kids to 1 teacher. One of the main reasons parents send their kids to private school is for smaller class sizes. Romney isn't fit to be president. He's out of touch with normal peoples' problems. Why isn't that perfectly clear?

Teachers in Philadelphia were quick to take on Mitt Romney Thursday when he said that small class size was not key to students' success. They quickly told the candidate about their own struggles to teach effectively in packed classrooms.
"I heard your position on class size and testing," said Steven Morris, a teacher at the  West Philadelphia Universal Bluford Charter School, which serves students from kindergarten through sixth grade. "But you know, I can't think of any teacher in the whole time I have been teaching, 13 years, who would say that more students [in the classroom] would benefit." Read on