Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama Administration's National Blueways System

National Blueways System. Something that would never ever happen in a Romney administration, because republicans, especially severely conservative ones, have a biblical view of the environment -- they believe the planet is at our disposal until there is nothing left, at which time certain people will be frolicking with Jesus.

It may not be quite as busy as the Interstate Highway System on Memorial Day weekend, but this week America christened another kind of interstate transportation network — even though it has existed for thousands of years.

The National Blueways System, formally created Thursday by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, aims to protect and popularize the country's rivers by taking a holistic approach to conservation. Unlike the current patchwork of federal protections, which typically only cover certain segments of a river, a national blueway will include the entire river "from source to sea," as well as its surrounding watershed. Read more at MNN