Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jake Tapper Calls Trump Bizarre

It's quite refreshing when a journalist speaks the truth. It rarely happens. It's usually, he said this and she said that, without any truth gleaned, as obvious as the truth may be. But this morning, Tapper didn't mince words about Trump: "who keeps bizarrely attacking the president, falsely, for not being born in the United States.”
Wow. Watch.
I do think, however, that Tapper was especially bold because Trump is getting on the nerves of the press. For a long time, the media reported the birther story as if it could be true. It worked for them, bringing in eyeballs. Now, it looks like the media is just sick and tired of all the nutjobs (and maybe a little sorry they didn't stop it sooner?) and are finally starting to call out the nutters.

If the media did more of this in 2008, they may not have been playing catch-up today. All of the birth announcements in the Hawaiian newspapers come directly from the hospital: