Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama's Reelection Win Was Big

I know Mitt liked to use the word "big" a lot. "But the nation chose another leader," said Mitt. I didn't find his speech the least bit gracious. I hope he finds some humility. The main reason he was defeated is because he didn't embrace the entire nation. He only embraced select people and corporations. I find it incredibly pompous that he didn't write a concession speech.

In the end, the election wasn't even close. The polls were right — except for
Rasmussen, but we all knew it had a repub bias. PPP was the most accurate pollster. The most pathetic pollster of all, Unskewed Polls, admits defeat. 

Most of the pundits predicted an Obama win, but most didn't know how many states Obama would sweep. If Obama wins Florida (still counting), my prediction was dead on except for North Carolina, which voted for Mitt.

The republicans WILL be motivated to work with Obama because 1) We have serious problems to solve (see some of the stuff on Obama's plate) 2) Since Obama is now a two-term president, they will no longer be focused on the goal of making him a one-termer. That strategy failed. Big time.

Slate's David Weigel's tweet: "Obama will be the first Democrat to be re-elected with a majority of the popular vote since FDR."

Obama won because of the improving economy.
Some great takeaways and analysis from electoral-vote.

More pics here.

I'm trying not to watch too many talking heads today, but this is some excellent analysis:

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