Tuesday, November 06, 2012

VOTE Obama Biden 2012 VOTE

On this Election Day, please find time to vote. Drive safely, keep warm, bring water... To find your voting location, enter your address here. Here's to hoping that we're still a hopeful nation and that we haven't bought the republican snake oil and that we vote to stay on the path forward. The Obama campaign has some good advice as we watch the polls today:
“My warning, we need to stay calm for much of the day,” Stephanie Cutter, Mr. Obama’s deputy campaign manager, said, touting thousands of early ballots already submitted by voters. “We’ve already banked a pretty big portion of our vote.”

The fear, she explained, was early numbers leaking before voters have finished going to the polls, creating unnecessary panic and pessimism among Democrats. CNN

My final map:

This is my final map: Obama 347, Mitt 191
FYI: I'll be updating this post today, all day. 

The map as it stands today - 270 to win.

A funny bit by the women at Slate, mocking CNN's story (scrubbed) about how women vote with their hormones.

Poll closing times ET via NBC:

7:00 pm: GA, IN, KY, SC, VT, VA
7:30 pm: NC, OH, WV
8:00 pm: AL, CT, DE, DC, FL, IL, ME, MD, MA, MS, MO, NH, NJ, OK, PA, RI, TN
8:30 pm: AR
9:00 pm: AZ, CO, KS, LA, MI, MN, NE, NM, NY, ND, SD, TX, WI, WY
10:00 pm: IA, MT, NV, UT
11:00 pm: CA, HI, ID, OR, WA
1:00 am: AK

Obama was the first sitting president to early vote, so today, he's in Chicago.  He's calling voters today and doing TV interviews in NV, Wis, Iowa, Ohio, Colo and Fla. He also has plans for a traditional election day pickup basketball game.
Joe Biden and Jill Biden voted today. Joe made an unannounced stop in Ohio.

Even today, Romney campaign insists that its deceptive auto ad, proven to be a lie, is the truth.

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Republicans may have rigged voting machines or it could be a calibration error. If you have troubles, 866-OUR-VOTE. Update: The machine has been removed.

Hundreds in Florida told that tomorrow is Election Day.

A mystery firm is the election's top corporate donor, which has been donating to the tea party (freedomworks)

Obama in Chicago today, making calls

See maps of several conservatives predicting a Romney win here.

The final electoral map, according to Fox News. Karl Rove's not so confident. I think my blog is allergic to Fox News, so if the video doesn't show up, view it here.

I'm posting these because I'm curious to see how right or wrong folks are.