Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rubio Takes to Fox & Friends Post SOTU Response

I think Rubio believes what he says. Either that or he's flat out lying. Obama isn't "obsessed" with revenue. He wants balance, so do economists — revenue and spending cuts. Obama doesn't believe government is the answer. He doesn't believe in big government. 
So long as republicans keep disrespecting Obama, they'll never be in the White House. Marco Rubio is held up as the darling now, but he's far too partisan, unappealing to independents. His SOTU response was too partisan, but republicans appear to exist in an anti-Obama bubble and are unable to recognize that. 
Using a Cuban American to rebrand the GOP isn't going to work so long as the product remains the same.  Also, appearing on Fox and Friends doesn't lend any credibility to Rubio or republicans. 
On the upside, Rubio appears to hold sway with rabid folks such as Limbaugh and tea partiers, which can be beneficial for immigration reform.