Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obama's State of the Union Will Address Economy and Jobs

Republicans keep saying that spending cuts will create jobs when the complete opposite is true. First we need to invest in our economy and recover and then we can make significant spending cuts. That's just common sense.  Obama's SOTU is Tuesday.

Obama previewed his economic growth plan in a speech to House of Representatives Democrats this week, telling them he would stress the importance of education, development of clean energy, and infrastructure.

There were no details on the new initiatives for infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy and education, elements first reported by the New York Times. But any new spending will face tough opposition from Republicans in Congress who are focused on cutting spending and reducing the deficit.

Obama has urged Congress to take steps to postpone harsh government spending cuts slated to take effect on March 1, and the White House took pains on Friday to describe how the cuts would affect ordinary Americans' lives. Reuters