Friday, November 09, 2012

John Kerry and Olympia Snowe Could Join Obama's Cabinet

Those who said they'd only serve one term include Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton and Ray LaHood. For those who are hoping Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016, she said she won't. It always annoys me when people suggest that she would because it means they haven't paid attention to how hard she has worked as Secretary of State and how tired she is. She's done so much advocacy on the behalf of women worldwide, with the philosophy that when women around the world have equal rights, democracy prevails. I like John Kerry, voted for him, but I'm not sure he could live up to the job that Hillary did.
Retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe would be a great addition to Obama's cabinet. She's one of the few moderate republicans left. Snowe worked on healthcare reform, but ended up voting against the final bill. None of the republicans voted for the Affordable Care Act.
Both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush ended up replacing about half of their cabinet members between terms, and Mr. Obama could end up doing about the same, especially since his team has served through wars and economic crisis. John D. Podesta, a chief of staff for Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama’s transition adviser, said, “There’s a certain amount of new energy you want to inject into any team.”

There is talk about bringing in Republicans and business executives to help rebuild bridges to both camps. The one Republican in the cabinet now, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, has said he will leave. One possible candidate, advisers say, could be Senator Olympia J. Snowe, a Republican moderate from Maine who is retiring.

A front-runner for secretary of state appears to be Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Democrats said worries about losing his Senate seat to the Republicans in a special election had diminished with Tuesday’s victories. Another candidate has been Susan E. Rice, the ambassador to the United Nations, but she has been a target of Republicans since she provided the administration’s initial accounts, which proved to be wrong, of the September terrorist attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya. NYT