Sunday, November 04, 2012

Is the Election Over Yet?

I'm not sure how persuasive this is for Obama, but it expresses how a lot of us are feeling right about now.

An estimated 90 million people won't vote this election year. Don't take voting for granted, even if you live in blue states. If Obama doesn't win the popular vote, the media will incessantly blather on and on for weeks. If there isn't a decisive winner, the media will blather on for weeks and weeks. If you need only one reason to vote, think of the Supreme Court or staying out of another war.

Liberals have made an idol of Nate Silver, but 538, a professional gambler and
Obama in Florida, Nov. 4
mathematician, doesn't want to be stoned if Obama loses, so he points to this.  I have a feeling the pollsters are going to be extremely wrong this year. I'm still predicting an Obama landslide or a Romney squeaker.
Here's the electoral college map as it stands — 270 to win.
If Obama wins, ousting Obama will be off the table for the republicans. They will have lost that shameful strategic battle they agreed to on day one of Obama's first term. Waterloo will have failed. They'll have to cooperate and compromise and do the work on behalf of the American people. There's much work that needs to be done.

Pundits' predictions:

My final map: