Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Fox News Meltdown Over Obama Re-Election

I have to admit, I wondered if maybe all the polls were wrong and we were really living in a Fox News world, but it's been confirmed, they live in the bubble. We live in the reality. All the polls were right. Many pundits were wrong about how many swing states Obama would sweep. Fox News, for all of their faux "patriotism" seem clueless to how our elections work. I hope more republican voters realize it's better to live in a world of reality and truth than in lies and denial.
Dick Morris explains why he was so wrong. Be forewarned, his explanation is immature and idiotic. Watch him yesterday insisting on his righteousness here.

The funny thing about Karl Rove's freakout, is Obama didn't even need Ohio to win. By the time they were freaking about Ohio, Obama had already won. Karl Rove and friends were the biggest $ losers on election day. Sheldon Adelson also discovered you can't buy everything.

Bill O'Reilly says Obama was reelected because we are no longer a white nation — we are entitled and we want stuff from our government, therefore implying that white people are better and less entitled. What an arse. People like O'Reilly are exactly why Romney lost. We're not going to let racism fly anymore.

Fox News will be licking its wounds for quite some time.

Brian Williams calls out Trump:

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