Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romney Netanyahu's Tool?

I don't know why more isn't being made of Romney's close ties to Sheldon Adelson, who owns an Israeli newspaper and is a backer of Netanyahu's rightwing government and one of the biggest donors to Romney's campaign. Adelson is a one-issue guy -- Israel. Not America. Israel. Plus there are Bain connections. Bain has loaned money to Adelson. All sorts of warning bells should be going off. Anyway, it appears Romney is easily puppeted. Look how easily he set aside his chief accomplishment, Romneycare.
It may be, as Jeff Goldberg asserts, that Bibi Netanyahu is just frustrated over President Obama’s refusal to approve an Israeli attack on Iran. Or it may be something else: an unprecedented attempt by a putative American ally to influence a U.S. presidential campaign. Either way, Netanyahu’s recent behavior is outrageous. He is trying push us into a war that is not in our national interest, a war that would only further destabilize a region that is already teetering near chaos. He is trying to get us to damage our relations with the rest of the world–especially the Russians and Chinese, whom we spent great diplomatic effort luring into the Iranian economic sanctions–so that he can pursue a strategy that even the Israeli military and intelligence communities find questionable. President Obama will not yield to this pressure, nor should he–and every American should know the implications of what Netanyahu and his American neoconservative allies, including Mitt Romney, are proposing.


An attack on Iran by Israel, or by the United States, will not stop the Iranian nuclear program for very long–and may well intensify it, since there will be all the more reason for Iranians to fear aggression from the west. An attack will, however, prompt a counterattack by Hizballah or another of the terrorist proxies the regime backs around the world. Iran has capabilities that neither Iraq nor Afghanistan had; it can hit us where we live–and it can certainly strike at the heart of Israel, via Hizballah. For these and other reasons, I have yet to meet a ranking member of the U.S. military who favors an attack on Iran.  Source: time

Even Putin thinks Romney's a plaything.
Romney the tool: