Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama on Letterman Sept. 18

Obama's clearly the only adult in the room. As usual. Obama calls republicans he meets around the country "hard working family people who care deeply about this country." The full episode is here. In the full episode, Obama talks about FLOTUS, his daughters, the deficit, honeymaking and microbrewing at the White House, the death of Amb. Chris Stevens, the changing Middle East, "clinging" to guns and religion...

Meanwhile, Fox News viewers get their own Letterman. Except for the Keystone pipeline, which is temporarily blocked, all of these "top 10" are just idiotic. Republicans don't do humor very well:

Here's a fresh new electoral map from electoral-vote with new polling, something for Fox News viewers to behold. It takes 270 to win. Romney MUST win Florida. It looks like democrats are going to keep a majority in the Senate. Romney is a drag on the republicans and republicans are a drag on him. I say the party ought to heed Laura Ingraham's advice and shut down the party. Shut it down. Come back when you're all grown up: