Monday, September 17, 2012

Newsweek Attempts to Lure Fox News Audience with "Muslim Rage"

Once a serious news weekly that didn't make any money, Newsweek seems to be going tabloid, with sensational headlines in order to appeal to appeal to the ignorant masses.  Sad commentary on our society.

Read the story if you want.
But here's a better one:
CAIRO (AP) — Ambassador Chris Stevens was still breathing when Libyans stumbled across him inside a room in the American Consulate in Benghazi, cheering, "Alive, alive" and "God is great" when they discovered he was still breathing and then trying to rescue him after last week's deadly attack in the eastern Libyan city, witnesses told The Associated Press on Monday.

Fahd al-Bakoush, a freelance videographer, was among the Libyan civilians roaming freely through the consulate after gunmen and protesters rampaged through it last Tuesday night. Al-Bakoush said he heard someone call out that he had tripped over a dead body.

A group of people gathered as several men pulled the seemingly lifeless form from the room. They saw he was alive and a foreigner, though no one knew who he was, al-Bakoush said. More at the AP