Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Charm Won't Help Romney

When we say we like Obama we mean we believe he's genuine, we think he has the best interests of the nation at heart, we think he's authentic, we think he's doing a pretty good job. Most people appear to have reached the reasonable conclusion that Bush's bubble economy burst and was handed off to Obama for fixing.

When we see Romney we see a faker, a phony, a guy who either doesn't know himself or is trying to appeal the GOP's super conservatives. We see a man who doesn't have the courage to lead his party. We see a man led by his party, told what to do by his party. More charm -- telling us that his sleeping attire is "as little as possible" and that he's a fan of Snooki -- is more likely to earn huge exclamations of ICK! Not earn cred with the average person.

Another thing, dear media, Obama didn't get a "Clinton bounce." It was an Obama bounce. Why doesn't the media ever credit Obama? Why does he always have to leap the highest, jump the farthest? Interestingly, Jake Tapper says the attack in Libya and the anti-American sentiment calls into question Obama's handling of the Muslim world. Really? Wow. A far limb for Jake since he's in agreement with Santorum. Obama can't prevent the extremists in our own country from shooting Congress members and shooting up theaters and schools, how the hell is he expected to counter extremists in other countries? The argument that Obama's failed to stop extremists is ludicrous.
The anti-American sentiment was not born during the Obama administration. This is just another example of how our media has the attention span of a flea, jumping from one bite to the next.
As a nation, we could better solve our problems by electing wiser and more progressive people to our Congress. When democrats sat out the midterms and let tea party folk fill up Congress that made things worse. We need to be smarter about who we elect to lead us.

Semi funny SNL clip